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Key Benefits of having a Wet Room



There are a number of benefits to installing a wet room in your home. Get a room that’s easier to clean, a bathroom that’s aspirational, and a bathroom you’ll never want to leave! You’ll love your wet room. Find out about eight of the biggest advantages of wet rooms below.

8 Key Benefits of having a Wet Room

1.  Wet rooms give you more design options

You can really exercise your creative muscles in wet rooms. With fewer obstructions such as shower trays and fixed cubicles, you can take your bathroom design to a whole new level.

Light and materials should be used creatively. How about a spa-like design with lots of wood and dim lighting? Will you choose a sleek, modern design that uses steel and glass? It’s up to you.

2. Wet rooms provide high aesthetic value

It’s undeniable that wet rooms add a WOW factor! Any property will benefit from them. A wall-to-wall tiled floor, minimalist fixtures, and an open floor plan exude simplicity and contemporary elegance. This can add to the luxury feel of a hotel room or could lead guests to choose one AirBnb property over another. Do not underestimate the power of a beautiful bathroom!

3.  Increase the value of your property with a wet room

Luxury homes with wet rooms are known to increase in value. Having a sleek design and being suitable for both young families and those with mobility problems will often make your home more appealing to potential buyers. You’ll also benefit from the fact that they’re easy to clean since you’ll have some extra time.

4. Wet rooms offer great space-saving

A wet room is a great space-saving solution for small properties. You get all the benefits of a functional, practical shower area without having to worry about bulky fixtures and fittings. You can even create a wetroom with a glass screen that makes use of unusual architectural features, such as sloping ceilings in Victorian properties. This would be impossible with a standard shower enclosure. You can also make more out of a small second bathroom or en-suite.

5.  Wet rooms are easy to clean

Another benefit of having fewer fixtures and fittings in your bathroom is that it is much easier to clean.  Shower enclosures collect dirt and grime in their runners and creases, making them difficult to keep clean. The same cannot be said for wet rooms.

You can have a floor free from obstructions and clutter if your wet room design includes a wall-mounted toilet and floating basin. Mopping and sweeping becomes a breeze. Learn how to keep wet rooms clean.

6. Wet rooms provide greater accessibility

Despite not always being designed with this in mind, a level entry wetroom is ideal for those who have limited mobility, such as the elderly or disabled. Shower trays do not require stepping up into them, making them easier to use. Wetrooms are a safe option for anyone, especially if they feature non-slip tiles. Explore easy access wet rooms.

7.  Wet rooms last longer

In wetrooms, moisture damage and leaks are extremely difficult to occur due to the waterproofing systems installed under the tiles. This means the bathroom will look newer for longer. Quality wet rooms come with lifetime warranties.

8. Ease of installation

Installing a wet room is easy when you work with a professional fitter and use industry-leading materials. Waterproofing and drainage membranes, among other products, are available from CCL Wetrooms.  We can assist you with the design and installation of a watertight wetroom at your property.

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