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Tips to style your hair in 5 minutes.



Adequately groomed hair gives you an attractive look. It is an effective way to build your confidence the moment you step out of your room. However, styling your hair can be a daunting task and time-consuming. Here are some tips to style your hair in less than 5 minutes.

  1.    A capacious pony.

You might love to wear a pony but often refrain because of your sparse hair.  Not anymore!

Create a usual pony preferably a bit higher than your average point.

  •    Fasten an elastic band
  •    Bifurcate the normal pony into to equal halves further.
  •    Place a hair clip at the conjunction of the strands.
  •    This pony will look far healthier than your usual one!
  1.    Pigtails fishtail
  •    Longitudinally partition your hair to two parts through the middle.
  •    Braid the sections along your left and right side, ensure to fan both sides to make them appear full.
  •    Leave the fag ends of the sections unbraided to give a pigtail look and tie them with fancy lace.

This style will go well for any normal office day without any client presentations or board meetings.

  1.    Wavy beach hair

All you need to have in possession is a straightener,

  •    Closely braid your hair along one side.
  •    Apply straightener along the braid for approximately two minutes.
  •    Let loose the twist.
  •    Apply some hairspray for better results

A perfect hairstyle for casual meets with friends and kin in less than five minutes!

  1.    Half –up twist:

This one is too quick to believe! Goes well with both short and long hairs and most importantly it is pretty simple.

  •    Hold some streaks of hair in the front and pull them up back to form a half- up ponytail.
  •    Take a strand of hair from the top and bottom of each strand.
  •    Place them inside the loops.

If you manage a few more seconds, apply a straightener for a textured look.

  1.    No-Slip bun:

A formal hairstyle which adds a more demanding look to your overall appearance. It is best suited for an official meet with your subordinates seeking adherence to strict deadlines.

  •    To begin with make two tightly knit pigtails.
  •    Next, all you need to do is a twist and turn them around to entangle the braids.
  •    Use hairpins to form a better grip the more the clips, the longer it holds together!
  1.    Three strand braid pigtails

Form a regular three-strand braid on each section of your hair after you part your hair into two sections along the centre.

  •    Secure the three brands in each section using elastic bands.
  •    Space out the braids to give a more voluminous look.

This formal look will be apt for any weekday in office or class.

  1.    Elegant loose-bun look:

Brush all your hair in upside direction

  •    Fasten your hair in a ponytail with the help of an elastic band.
  •    Use bobby pins to create an unkempt big bun at the centre of your head
  •    You may also place an orchid at one of the sides if you wish, to add the elegance factor!

It is a dinner date, and you are running late after office, In such a scenario this workaround can do wonders!

  1.    Curly Look hair

Raise your hair from the rear end

  •    Split the hair mass into two halves along your left and right side
  •    Place a small clip at the junction of the two halves. Ensure the grip of the clip is firm
  •    Use a straightener along the two sections simultaneously for a couple of minutes
  •    Let loose the strands
  •    Remove the clip now.

  1.    The hair crown
  •    Create two thin braids along the temples
  •    The twists need to be flat but very tightly knit.
  •    Encircle the two braids at the rear end of your head
  •    Use hairpins to hold them together firmly along with the loose hair to provide support.

  1.    Chignon

  •    Make two stands along your ears
  •    Encircle the strands at the rear end, ensure to place the strands above your ears while doing so.
  •    Conjoint the two strands using an elastic band.
  •    Fan the lower end of your hairs at the rear end
  •    Raise the fanned lower ends in an upward direction
  •    Tuck it at the conjunction of the two stands at the centre of your rear head
  •    Use a couple of bobby pins to hold the loose ends firm.

Well, you see now! Styling your hair is no more about patience and time! All you need is some quick solutions. Visit the Salon directory Canada for such quick hairstyles for free!

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